Victorian Chapter Events

Strategic Business Expansion

A three part series for smaller and medium sized business looking to grow into larger practices. This series gives people skills and processes to analyse their business, plan an approach to growth and methods on how to sustain changes and thrive. Register here

One booking for three workshops
1: Making Decisions about Growth – 15 August, 9-11 am
2: Strategy and Rollout – 12 September, 9-11 am
3: Leading and Sustaining Change – 17 October, 9-11 am

Venue: Level 2, 41 Exhibition Street, Melbourne 3000

Health in the Workplace

A three part series for everyone passionate about improving the Mental Health of their workplace. Work with our experts to understand what Mental Health is, the role it plays in your overall health, what strategies are effective and how to approach policy creation. Register here.

One booking for three workshops:
1: Mental Health Basics – 22 August, 
2: Mental Health Strategy and Policy – 26 September,
3: Best Practice & Wellbeing Initiatives – 30 October.

Venue: Level 2, 41 Exhibition Street, Melbourne 3000

Succession Planning and Retirement Workshops

A three part series for directors and leaders of practices that are considering moving, stepping down, or retiring from their practice. We will cover the financial, legal and people based considerations, and the different business structures that enable or hinder succession planning. Register here

One booking for three workshops:
1: Organisational Structure – 29 August
2: Financial & Legal Considerations – 10 October,
3: Succession & Change – 21 November.

Venue: Level 2, 41 Exhibition Street, Melbourne 3000

What is Affordable Living?

Join us for the next Members Only industry networking event.This exclusive event for members of PIA, AILA and AIA presents a cross-disciplinary panel of speakers looking at living affordability. Many facets of our built environment industry influence living affordability: from the type of materials used in building; to the overall cost of rent or the purchase price of a property; or the living costs associated with travel expenses to work and the amenities associated with daily life. Register here.

When: Tuesday 29 August, 5.30 - 7.30pm
Venue: VPA, 25/35 Collins Street, Melbourne 3000


SONA Masterclass: Lost in the Landscape of Text

What is the importance of text and written criticism in the architectural discipline? SONA members will be given an exclusive opportunity to hear acclaimed architectural critic Naomi Stead and publishers and editors, Maitiu Ward, Jil Raleigh, John Gatip and Tess Sokolowski discuss this. This event is exclusively for SONA membersRegister here.

When: Wednesday 6 September, 6.30 - 8.30pm
Venue: URO Publications, 5/71 Rose Street, Fitzroy 3065


ArchiTech: Designing with Advanced Materials

At this ArchiTECH event, Toby will explain how Shapeshell technology is assisting Architects with designing more responsive and interesting elements in their projects. You may have seen the results of Shapeshell technology on some prominent buildings but Toby will explain how they choose the materials to suit the job and how those materials respond to the conditions. Register here.

When: Wednesday 6 September, 12.00 - 1.00pm
Venue: Level 2, 41 Exhibition Street, Melbourne 3000