Heller Street Park & Residences - Six Degrees Architecture

Heller Street Park & Residences, Six Degrees Architecture
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Victorian Chapter Council & committees

This page has information on Victorian Chapter Council, committees, forums, office holders and fellows. For information on council or committee business, please contact the Victorian Chapter office.

Chapter Council

The Chapter Council is responsible for managing the Institute's business in Victoria. The Chapter President is the National Councillor elected by the Victorian members. In addition to the President, 10 Chapter Councillors are elected for a two year period by the Victorian-based members.

The Chapter Council:

  • implements National policies and develops and adopts policies on state and local issues
  • liaises with and lobbies State and Local Government and other organisations associated with the building and construction industry
  • oversees service delivery to Victorian-based members

Chapter Council Members

Vanessa Bird 
Vic Chapter President 

Peter Malatt
Immediate Past President
 Karen Alcock Rosemary Burne  Tim Leslie  Kim Irons 
 Fiona Winzar Amy Muir  Matt Gibson  Adam Pustola 
 Robert Goodliffe  Monique Woodward Thom McKenzie - EmAGN  Gina Engelhardt - SONA


In addition to the Chapter Council, there are the following associated committees. For more information, please contact the Chapter.

Access Committee

The Access Committee deals with matters relating to design for accessible built environments. The Access Committee seeks to promote awareness of architect’s professional obligations to contribute to the design and development of accessible buildings.

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee manages the Victorian Architecture Awards program. The Institute's Awards program promotes awareness and understanding of architecture and the value of good design. 
Committee Chair: Amy Muir

Editorial Committee

The committee is responsible for planning, sourcing material and editing the Victorian Chapter's magazine - Architect Victoria. This magazine is produced seasonally along with one special Awards edition each year. 
Committee Chair: Simon Whibley

Education Committee

The Education Committee ensures the implementation of National policies for the professional education of architects; recognises and supports Victorian-based courses leading to professional qualifications in architecture; and maintains competency standards for architects. Membership includes representation from the four Victorian-based University Schools of Architecture and practicing members who have an interest in and association with the education of architects.
Committee Chair: Richard Black

Heritage Committee

The Heritage Committee addresses heritage issues within Victoria, advocates on behalf of buildings at risk and contributes recommendations for updating the Institute's Register of Significant 20th Century Buildings.

Honours Committee

The Honours Committee comprises a small group of the Institute Fellows and Life Fellows. It proposes nominations for Life Fellowship, Honorary Membership and Civil Honours that recognise the achievements of member architects.

Practice of Architecture Committee

The Victorian Practice of Architecture Committee’s role is to identify current issues associated with the practice of architectural practices in Victoria and the processes, information and action required to address these issues. The committee acts as a chapter committee of the National Practice Committee. The Practice of Architecture Committee members are drawn from representatives of other chapter committees and co-opted members as required.
Committee Chair: Kim Irons

CPD Advisory Group 

The CPD advisory group acts in an advisory role to the CPD coordinator, providing input on the development and delivery of Institute CPD activities and programs. The CPD advisory group is a small group that reflects a balanced range of experience and practice size in its composition. The current group includes the following members who have indicated you are welcome to be directly in touch with them regarding CPD topic ideas:

Bruce Allen                                               
Aurelia Gachet                                          
Andy Gentry                                              
Rowan Opat                                                     
Tim Leslie
James Kelly
Victoria Reeves
Jake Kelly




Large Practice Forum

The Large Practice Forum brings together directors and senior architects of architectural practices in Melbourne that have 30+ employees to discuss topics that are of particular interest to large practices. The objectives of the forum are to foster information exchange, tackle issues affecting large practices, improve continuing education and professional development, and raise the profile of large practices within the Institute.

The Large Practice Forum is available for members of the Institute who are directors and senior architects of architectural practices that have more than 30 staff. To be involved please email the Victorian Chapter.

Smaller Practice Forum

The Institute's Victorian Chapter established the Smaller Practice Forum to identify, review and respond to issues specifically affecting smaller architectural practices in Victoria. The forum provides an opportunity for directors of practices to meet, share information and develop guidance material and continuing education programs for members, addressing topics such as architectural practice, technology and business, and personnel development.

The Smaller Practice Forum is available for members of the Institute who are directors or senior architects of practices of up to 30 staff. To be involved please email the Victorian Chapter.

The Smaller Practice Forum meets bi-monthly from February to November.

Student Organised Network for Architecture (SONA)

SONA, the Student Organised Network for Architecture, aims to advance the interests of architecture students, architectural education and architecture through the development, promotion and appreciation of undergraduate student work, thinking and communication. SONA promotes the abilities, work and vision of students of architecture. To see upcoming SONA events see the SONA website, or if you're interested in working at Vic Chapter events, please let us know

Sustainable Architecture Forum

The Sustainable Architecture Forum (SAF) was established in 2005 with the aim to foster leadership amongst architects and the architectural profession on issues surrounding sustainability. The forum provides an opportunity for professionals interested in sustainable architecture to meet, share information as well as develop ideas for continuing education programs. SAF is focused on issues specifically affecting sustainability within the built environment with the objective to encourage architects to adopt best-practice sustainable design.

SAF meetings are available to any Institute member and at times feature guest speakers from outside organisations. To find out more please email the Victorian Chapter

SAF meets monthly from February to November on the third Wednesday evening of the month.

Emerging Architects + Graduates Network (EmAGN)


The local Australian Institute of Architects’ Emerging Architects + Graduates Network (EmAGN) promotes and supports young and emerging architects and designers in Victoria by linking design professionals through events and initiatives and focuses on giving exposure to up-and-coming architects in the industry. It also aims to contribute to the rich design culture in Victoria through forums which engage in architectural discourse and communicate design ideas.

EmAGN successfully organised a number of tangible initiatives and can be viewed by visiting EmAGN.

Online nomination & voting

At the appropriate time members may nominate and, if a ballot is necessary, vote for:

  • Chapter Council
  • Chapter President
  • Nationally Elected Council Members
  • International Area Committee Members

Only eligible members may participate.

The Australian Institute of Architects' Online Nomination and Voting Service complies with the Institute's regulations for elections.

For support and assistance using this system please contact the Executive Support Team on national@architecture.com.au or (02) 6121 2000.

Go to the online voting system.