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South Australian Chapter – policy & advocacy

Submissions to government

The Institute's South Australian Chapter makes various submissions to the State Government on issues relating to urban design, architecture and the built environment. 


The Chapter Council has been advocating the relevance of our profession in the built environment in particular with how design, specifications and procurement policy could be better used to support the Governments objective of boosting economic benefit to the State through a greater use of local supply inputs and ultimately local jobs. The Council has endorsed the forming of a working group to advise and formulate recommendations to the Industry Participation Advocate.


The Council has also provided submissions and held talks with government representatives regarding:

The SA Chapter  received 3 responses from the major parties (listed in order of receipt)

Policy Response SA Greens
Policy Response SA Labor
Policy Response SA Liberals


These submissions are available to members by emailing sa@architecture.com.au 

Architecture on Show Series

This series of public talks held within local councils and curated by Institute members, explore themes and issues relevant to the local area and demonstrate the value of architects and architecture. Current issues explored this year included density, planning reform, apartment living and design guidelines. See our Facebook page for some of these events.

If you are interested in participating in the Architecture on Show series, please contact Gillian Redman-Lloyd on 8402 5900 or gillian.redman-lloyd@architecture.com.au

Architecture Industry Roundtables

This new series of quarterly member forums will focus on discussing critical issues facing the profession, including procurement, building quality and compliance, planning reform. The discussions may result in further action taken by Chapter Council or in forming a small member workgroup to prepare a submissions to government.

For more information on these events, please contact Executive Director Nicolette Di Lernia on 8402 5900 or nicolette.dilernia@architecuture.com.au

Moral rights attributions for architects & designers

The SA Chapter believes it is important that we pursue initiatives that both promote and strengthen the role of the architect. It is rare that architect’s work is correctly attributed when reported in the media and too often we see architect’s drawings and renders described simply as an ‘artist’s impression’.

We want to see a ground swell of advocacy directed at media outlets to correctly attribute architects and other designer’s work. Donald Richardson has approached the Institute with the view to assist our members and others, drive a campaign for change.

Donald has prepared a proforma letter for use by individuals and institutions to send to media outlets every time you see a failure to correctly attribute the designer You can modify the letter for your correspondence and the attached Document A offers a description of the legal requirements under the Copyright Act 1968.

We strongly encourage you to be part of this campaign to drive positive change and assist our profession gain the acknowledgement it deserves within media. Simply send your letter or email or use social media and through sufficient social action we can contribute to this valuable campaign to get architects back onto the front page.

Download the proforma letter to submit a breach of moral rights.