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Call for 2018 Queensland State & Regional Jurors Open

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Call for Jurors

The Queensland Chapter are now calling for expressions of Interest for Regional Jurors for the 2018 Queensland Architecture Awards.

State Jury Expressions of Interest are now Closed!

Call for State Jurors* Closed
: Thursday 19 October 2017 (COB)

For Regional Jury Expression of Interest, Click Here

Call for Regional Jurors Close: Thursday 1 February (COB)

 *This call includes Deputy Chair of Juries and State Jury positions

Jury Handbook

Important: The selection process for both the State & Regional Juries in Queensland has changed for the 2018 Queensland Architecture Awards Program. 

To ensure the Jury selection process is transparent, accessible & equitable to all members and as such, the call for expressions of Interest will be open to all eligible members.

For this reason, all nominations will need to be made through the formal expression of interest process. These will then be reviewed by the incoming Chair of Juries & Chapter council before placements are made.

For further information on the role of Jurors including responsibilities & judging criteria, please refer to the Awards Jury Handbook and Awards Policy or contact the Chapter on 07 3828 4100.

 *This call includes Deputy Chair of Juries and State Jury positions


The Queensland Architecture Awards program is one of the few in country to offer the Regional Awards Program Tier. Unlike other state & Territories, the Juries visit all entries submitted. 

With the inclusion of another regional tier, we do require no more and no less than three eligible members per region (excluding Brisbane).

In Brisbane, the entries are judged by category due to the number of entries submitted. For this reason, we do require three eligible members per category.

Note: The Chapter may merge categories with a smaller number of entries.

To be eligible, you do need to meet the following criteria:

  • Registered Architect

  • Current Member of the Institute

  • Local to the Region

Note, Regional Jurors for the year’s 2016, 2015 & 2014 consecutively are not eligible.       

For further information on the role of Jurors including responsibilities & judging criteria, please refer to the Awards Jury Handbook and Awards Policy or contact the Chapter on 07 3828 4100.

Key Dates

2018 Queensland Regional Jury Dates (ex BNE)
Call for Regional Jurors 31 Aug - 31 Jan
Compulsory Regional Jury Teleconference 7 Feb
Gold Coast Regional Jury Visits 27 Feb - 1 Mar
Darling Downs Regional Jury Visits 7 Mar - 9 Mar
Sunshine Coast Regional Jury Visits 13 Mar - 15 Mar
Central Queensland Regional Jury Visits   19 Mar - 21 Mar
North Queensland Regional Jury Visits 21 Mar - 23 Mar
Far North Queensland Region Jury Visits* 23 Apr - 24 Apr 
  *Visits for Far North Queensland have been rescheduled due to weather.
2018 Brisbane Regional Jury Dates
Call for Regional Jurors 31 Aug - 1 Feb
Compulsory Jury Briefing (6pm) 7 Feb
Heritage  26 Feb
Art & Architecture  26 Feb
Commercial Architecture 28 Feb - 1 Mar 
Urban Design  2 Mar
Educational Architecture  5 Mar - 7 Mar
Public Architecture  8 Mar - 9 Mar 
Residential Architecture (Multiple Housing)  12 Mar - 14 Mar
Residential Architecture Houses (New)  14 Mar - 16 Mar
Residential Architecture Houses (Alts & Adds)  19 Mar - 21 Mar
Small Project Architecture 20 Mar - 22 Mar
Interior Architecture  21 Mar - 23 Mar
Brisbane Jury Deliberations 26 Mar

2018 State Awards Jury

From the left:
John Thong (Chair of Juries), Paul Worroll (Deputy Chair of Juries), Louisa Gee, Leah Gallagher 

Message from Chair of Juries

The Architectural Awards Program has now been celebrating outstanding Queensland architecture for over 75 years. Early Institute records indicate that the Awards program in Queensland has been running in some capacity since 1939. Each new year, our Awards Program brings with it an air of optimism and eager anticipation of what will be revealed in a new chapter of Queensland architecture.

Earlier this year I was fortunate enough to tour many of the regions with the Queensland Chair of Juries, Alice Hampson. Alice’s speech to each region provided powerful reminders of our regional modernist roots, powerful memories indeed, of how important our cultural history shapes our future identity.

Our Queensland Architecture Awards Program and jury process is somewhat unique, characterised by the juries visiting each project.  This process is a revealing experience. Without fail, the most consistent feedback jurors give is that it offers one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences they have been a part of. These visits personally explore and engage with each project; witnessing the ideas, the innovations, the processes, how the place defines the architecture and what inspirational delight each project delivers. More often than not, the most rewarding outcomes are when the projects speak for themselves.

I am thrilled to be part of the 2018 Architecture Awards Program with the assistance of the Queensland Deputy Chair of Juries, Paul Worroll and State Jurors Louisa Gee and Leah Gallagher.  We also invite you all the opportunity to join the 2018 Awards Program and encourage you to participate as Regional Jurors across Queensland in anticipation of witnessing the architecture and all of the enduring stories they behold.

John Thong FRAIA

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for Activities

Many members support the Institute and the wider profession by generously volunteering their time and expertise in a variety of ways such as Award Jurors, CPD presenters, Mentors, Committee Members and Senior Counsellor Roles. 

Many of these voluntary activities can count towards your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements as set by the Board of Architects of Queensland (BOAQ).

BOAQ has established some limits on some CPD activities that can be claimed per year; please refer to BOAQ for their current requirements. As a guide, limits for Jurors are noted below. 
As per BOAQ policy only 2 informal CPD points can be claimed for an informal activity at any one time, regardless of the duration over 2 hours.

1 hour of activity is equal to 1 CPD point. 

When undertaking CPD, it is suggested you keep a record of your hours throughout the year, and undertake a balances range of CPD activities across at least 2 of the AACA competencies which are Design, Documentation, Project Management, and Practice Management. 

Click Here for more information on CPD
Jury CPD
Participation on Architecture Award Jury – Nominated building visits
Limit: 2 points can be allocated for Jury visits
Participation on Architecture Award Jury – Follow up deliberations
Limit: Up to 3 points can be allocated per annum