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Queensland Chapter President, Council & Committees

This page has information on Queensland Chapter Council, committees, forums, office holders and fellows. For information on council or committee business, please contact the Queensland Chapter office.

Paul Trotter
Message from the President

Chapter Council

The Chapter Council is responsible for managing the Institute's business in Queensland. 

Key roles of the Chapter Council are to:

  •  Align with the Institute’s strategic plan, identify the strategic priorities for the Chapter and collaborate with the Management Team in articulating the activities and programs designed to implement those priorities.
  • Identify and respond to issues relevant to the profession and Institute members within the Chapter.
  • Liaise with State bodies, institutions and authorities to promote and represent the Institute.
  • Coordinate the work of Chapter committees and communicate their activities to members.
  • Proactively identify and respond to issues relating to state government-based regulatory, procurement and planning policies and legislation, consistent with the Institute’s published public policies.
  • Communicate state-related issues of national relevance to National Council.
  • Communicate and consult with members

Bruce Wolfe
Immediate Past

Louisa Gee

Penelope Campbell

Christina Cho

Tony Jemmott
Tony Jemmott

Rosemary Kennedy

Roger Mainwood
Regional Affairs
Committee Chair

Leah Gallagher

Ingrid Marshall

Andrew Wilson 
Paul Worroll
Paul Worroll
Committee Chair

Kali Marnane
Co Chair EmAGN 

Jessica Owen 
Co Chair EmAGN 


Ellie Gilchrist
Bond University 

Osman Garelnabi
Queensland University of Technology 

Brigitte Aiello 
Griffith University 
Simin Louei 
University of Queensland 

Committees & Forums

In addition to the Chapter Council, there are the following associated committees and forums. For more information about these, contact qld@architecture.com.au.

Gender Equity Committee (QGEC)

The purpose of the QGEC is to promote the values of gender equity in the profession of architecture at the local and regional context. While the committee will engage with a wide range of industry, social and government groups, its focus shall remain on the membership of the architectural profession in Queensland, and maximising fair and equitable access to opportunities for all.
The QGEC has adopted the AIA's Gender Equity Policy as the foundation of its Policy and Advocacy Framework. Notably, the QGEC recognises that:
"...By adopting a comprehensive and ethical approach, the Institute aims to ensure that it engages fairly with all its members, staff, and other stakeholders, whether male or female, in a positive, respectful and constructive manner. Equally importantly, the Institute aims to assist the whole architectural profession to do the same."

Practice Committee

The Practice Committee's goals are to foster information exchange, tackle issues affecting Queensland practices, improve continuing education and professional development, and represent the practice of Queensland architecture to the Institute.

Education Committee

The Education Committee includes representation from the Queensland university schools of architecture as well as practicing members who have an interest in and association with the education of architects. The committee ensures the implementation of national policies for the professional education of architects, supports Queensland courses leading to professional qualifications in architecture, and maintains competency standards for architects.

Sustainability Committee

Sustainability connects the biological, physical, social, economic, cultural and aesthetic aspects of the environment. The Committee brings together interested architects in developing the profession’s and the community’s understanding of sustainability. The committee seeks to:

  • promote architecture as the leader in sustainability;
  • promote good design as essential to sustainability;
  • encourage and support the education of architectural students in sustainability;
  • facilitate sustainable and sustaining actions through educational events and provide input into government policy and regulation.


Regional Affairs Committee

The Regional Affairs Committee is convened to represent the affairs of architectural practices positioned throughout Queensland's major regional cities and communities.

Small Practice Members Forum

The Small Practice Members Forum provides an opportunity for Directors of small practices to meet and share information on topics such as architectural practice, technology and business, and personnel development. The Forum will aim to identify, review and respond to issues specifically affecting smaller architectural practices in Queensland, and develop a collegiate network of peer learning.

Committee Chairs:

CPD Committee
Paul Trotter

Practice Committee
Shawn Godwin

Education Committee
Sarah Briant

Sustainability Committee
Paul Worroll

Regional Affairs Committee
Roger Mainwood

Regional Queensland Institute representatives:

Far North Queensland Region

Roger Mainwood
Far North Queensland Regional Chair 
ph: 0407 550 269

Stefanie Field
Far North Queensland Regional Secretary
ph: 0423 226 296

North Queensland Region

Ian Richardson 
North Queensland Regional Co-Chair
ph: (07) 4772 3044

Peter Muller 
North Queensland Regional Secretary (Joint)
ph: (07) 4724 0990 

Central Queensland Region

Brian Hooper

Central Queensland Regional Chair
ph: (07) 4925 0750

Jose John
Central Queensland Regional Secretary
ph: (07) 4927 9700

Sunshine Coast Region

Adrian Just
Sunshine Coast Regional Chair
ph: 0412 117 772

Sussan Cressey
Sunshine Coast Secretary 
Ph: 0413 860 444

Gold Coast/Northern Rivers Region

Greg Ewart

Gold Coast/Northern Rivers Regional Chair (Joint)
ph: 0413 733 504

Philip Follent
Gold Coast/Northern Rivers Regional Chair (Joint)
ph: 0410 096 358

Katherine Rickard
Gold Coast/Northern Rivers Regional Secretary
ph: (07) 0408 737 264

Darling Downs Region

Chris Gay

Darling Downs Regional Chair
ph: (07) 4632 0200

Stephen Sims
Darling Downs Regional Secretary
ph: (07) 4528 2608


Online nomination & voting

At the appropriate time members may nominate and, if a ballot is necessary, vote for:

  • Chapter Council
  • Chapter President
  • Nationally Elected Council Members
  • International Area Committee Members

Only eligible members may participate.

The Australian Institute of Architects' Online Nomination and Voting Service complies with the Institute's regulations for elections.

For support and assistance using this system please contact the Executive Support Team on national@architecture.com.au or (02) 6121 2000.

Go to the online voting system.