Call for 2019 Queensland Architecture Awards Jurors Open!

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  • 31 Jan
    QLD Awards Entries Close

  • 21 Feb
    President's Honours Event

  • The Institute's Architecture Awards recognise excellence and innovation in design and are conferred via a rigorous system of peer review which is unrivalled by other architectural design award programs.

    In addition to submitting data and images online, each project entered for consideration in Queensland will also be visited by a Regional Jury panel. Those shortlisted as part of the Regional tier will then be subject to a separate visit by the State Jury Panel.  

    For more information please review the Awards Jury Handbook paying particular attention to the Queensland Chapter Appendix.  


    Call for Jurors


    The call for expressions of interest for both State & Regional Jurors is open to all eligible members.

    To be eligible, you do need to meet the following criteria:

    • Registered Architect
    • Current Member of the Institute
    • Local to Queensland

    All Jury compositions will also aim to reflect the range of backgrounds required of the National Jury (see below) and may include.  

    • a senior respected and awarded architect; 
    • a senior respected and distinguished architect; 
    • a younger emerging architect, and
    • an architectural commentator or academic (who may be a non-architect and a non-member).

    All jury will take into consideration the National Awards & Prizes Policy and the need to appoint juries balanced across gender and experience. 

    Note, Jurors for the year’s 2018, 2017 & 2016 consecutively are not eligible.

    State Jury  

    The Queensland State Jury is compromised of the following:

    • Chair of Juries
    • Deputy Chair of Juries
    • 2 x State Jurors

     The State jury are appointed and convened by the Institute's Queensland Chapter Council.

    Call for Regional Jurors* Closes: Wednesday 17 October 2018 (COB)


    Regional Jury  

    Queensland Regional Juries are comprised of the following:

    • 3 local members per Jury (outside Brisbane)
    • 3 local members per category Jury (BNE Only)*
    Note: Brisbane is the only region to be judged by category requiring multiple juries.

    All Regional Juries are appointed and convened by the Institute's Queensland State Jury.

    Call for Regional Jurors* Closes: Monday 4 February 2019 (COB)


    Message from Chair of Juries

    Travelling through Queensland to visit all the projects entered into the State Architecture Awards Program is a rewarding and exhilarating experience. It was an honour and a privilege to be lead by John Thong our Chair of Juries and assisted by State Jurors Louisa Gee and Leah Gallagher. Their enthusiasm and optimism throughout the program was infectious. We travelled approximately 10,200kms by plane, boat and automobile combined over 3 months. This is almost equivalent to the circumference of the moon.

    Queensland is one of the few State’s that include visitation of all projects and highlights the importance of experiencing projects rather than judging by photos. It is the best way to understand and appreciate the sense of place of each region and to assess the merits of design. This was reinforced by John Thong’s talk to each region reminding us how each was different in terms of climate, the topography, the ecology and the lifestyle, which was then reflected in the architecture. 

    We met architects, eminent consultants, the public, clients and regional jurors who all had different stories to tell but all had a shared commitment and enthusiasm for the projects they were involved with. They all wanted to make a difference. There are conversations about the process of architecture, challenges architects face, the opportunities that exist and the joy experienced on projects. If you want to be part of these discussions, to visit exciting projects, to be inspired by new ideas or reinvigorated by the enthusiasm of others then it is recommended you participate as a regional juror on the architecture awards program. In 2019 I once again look forward to embracing the State’s adventurous and unique architecture with the excitement and preparedness of an intrepid explorer.

    Paul Worroll

    Key Dates

    2019 Queensland State Jury Dates
    Call for Regional Jurors 31 Aug - 19 Sep
    State Jury Meeting (All Day) 5 Feb
    Brisbane Jury Deliberations (All Day)  18 Mar
    Regional Jury Deliberations (All Day)  19 Mar
    State Jury Visits* 1 Apr - 12 Apr
    State Jury Deliberations (All Day) 1 May 

    *Once the Regional Judging Tier has concluded, a shortlist for the State tier of Judging will be announced. All those shortlisted (formerly Regional Commendations) will then by subject to an additional  visit from the State Jury. 

    Note: The second week of the State Jury tour does coincide with the first week of School Holidays.
    2019 Queensland Regional Jury Dates (ex BNE)
    Call for Regional Jurors 26 Oct - 4 Feb
    Darling Downs Regional Jury Visits 25 Feb- 27 Feb 
    Sunshine Coast Regional Jury Visits  27 Feb - 1 Mar
    Far North QLD Regional Jury Visits  5 Mar - 7 Mar
    Gold Coast Regional Jury Visits  6 Mar  - 8 Mar
    Central QLD Regional Jury Visits 11 Mar - 13 Mar
    North QLD Regional Jury Visits 13 Mar - 15 Mar
    Regional Jury Deliberations  19 Mar
    2019 Brisbane Regional Jury Dates
    Call for Regional Jurors 26 Oct - 4 Feb
    Compulsory Jury Briefing (6pm) 12 Feb
    Heritage  21 Feb
    Art & Architecture  21 Feb
    Urban Design 22 Feb
    Public Architecture  22 Feb
    Small Project Architecture 25 Feb - 27 Feb
    Interior Architecture  27 Feb - 1 Mar
    Educational Architecture  4 Mar - 6 Mar
    Residential Architecture (Multiple Housing) 6 Mar - 8 Mar
    Residential Architecture Houses (Alts and Adds)  11 Mar - 13 Mar
    Residential Architecture Houses (New)  13 Mar - 15 Mar
    Commercial Architecture  13 Mar - 15 Mar
    Brisbane Regional Jury Deliberations 18 Mar

    Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for Activities

    Many members support the Institute and the wider profession by generously volunteering their time and expertise in a variety of ways such as Award Jurors, CPD presenters, Mentors, Committee Members and Senior Counsellor Roles. 

    Many of these voluntary activities can count towards your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements as set by the Board of Architects of Queensland (BOAQ).

    BOAQ has established some limits on some CPD activities that can be claimed per year; please refer to BOAQ for their current requirements. As a guide, limits for Jurors are noted below. 
    As per BOAQ policy only 2 informal CPD points can be claimed for an informal activity at any one time, regardless of the duration over 2 hours.

    1 hour of activity is equal to 1 CPD point. 

    When undertaking CPD, it is suggested you keep a record of your hours throughout the year, and undertake a balances range of CPD activities across at least 2 of the AACA competencies which are Design, Documentation, Project Management, and Practice Management. 

    Click Here for more information on CPD
    Jury CPD
    Participation on Architecture Award Jury – Nominated building visits
    Limit: 2 points can be allocated for Jury visits
    Participation on Architecture Award Jury – Follow up deliberations
    Limit: Up to 3 points can be allocated per annum