Studio 217 - Amalie Wright & Richard Buchanan

Studio 217, Amalie Wright & Richard Buchanan
photo Christopher Frederick Jones

St Lucia House
Elizabeth Watson-Brown Architects

Cromwell College
Elizabeth Watson-Brown Architects

Megan Reading

Lucy O'Driscoll

Brighton Road Duplex
Anna Chamberlin
Georgia Dixon
Georgia Elliot

RNB Office Fit Out
Antonia Morely
Annie Edwards

Sussex St
Residential House
Anna Chamberlin
Marjorie Dixon

Tamarind Taylor

Rossilli House Ipswich
Jacqueline Pearce
J M Pearce Architects

Queens Park Environmental
Education Centre
Jacqueline Pearce
J M Pearce Architects

Unit 23 Kangaroo Point
Simone Barr
DAARC Architecture + Interiors

Master of Architecture 2013
UQ School of Architecture
Student: Chi TANG
Hebe Residence, Arqus Design
Hebe Residence
Jessica O'Shea
Arqus Design

Coorparoo House
Alexandra Buchanan
Alexandra Buchanan Architecture

Mt Cotton Eco Cabins
Alexandra Buchanan
Alexandra Buchanan Architecture

Dayboro Kindergarten
Holland Park House
CQ University Allied Health Stage 2
Emma Healy
Reddog Architects

The Australian Armour and Artillery Museum
Julianne Field
JMC Architects

About this initiative:

Dear women architects of Queensland,

I feel very proud and privileged to be an architect.

We architects do important work: we translate and shape culture by making the places and spaces that are the infrastructure of our lives. Here in Queensland I believe we have something special in our particular relationships with our bounteous and various Queensland places.

I myself am very curious (aren't you?) about all the great work that is happening throughout Queensland. Over more than three decades I have witnessed the developing sophistication of the response to our place and the discourse around it, and the burgeoning of women architects' involvement in and influence on this. I believe there is power in the work, and power in the collective.

I think it's time for us to get together to share the conversation about our work; not just about BEING a woman architect in Queensland, but about what we are DOING.

So, please join me in gathering around our collective work.

What we are creating is a collection of examples of women's architecture from all over Queensland and from all women architects and students at any stage of life or career. This is a great opportunity for us to get together in a celebratory and unstructured way to share and discuss the work.

To be involved and share your work please simply send your images and text describing your project to Use the linked examples above for guidance.

Please feel free to contact me on


Libby Watson Brown