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NSS: Getting the right fit - from briefing to specification
17 Apr - 15 May

AGM, Melbourne
15 May

Masterclass – Streets, Parking and Places


 Presented by: 
Steven Burgess, MRCagney


With rapidly growing interest in place making and the key role of local councils in this process, Steven Burgess, one of Australasia’s most renowned transport engineers will be in Darwin to run Masterclass –  Streets, Parking and Places.

This Masterclass will help bring the Architects, Engineers, Planners, Politicians and Designers closer together on the issues surrounding street and place design. 

This will be achieved by taking attendees through the evolution of streets within an urban design and place making integration context.


  Date:  Thursday 1 March
  Time: 12.30 - 4.30pm
  Venue:   3/4 Shepherd Street, Darwin

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