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National Council

The Australian Institute of Architects National Council is the ultimate policy-making body of the Institute, responsible for over-arching policy which is common to all Chapters.

Chapters have the responsibility for developing and adopting Chapter-based policy, which is particular to the legislative, economic and political requirements of that Chapter.

Submissions to amend, amplify or rescind National Policy may be made through a National Committee or through the Chapter President at National Council, following Standing Orders.

National Councillors (see Constitution) are directors of the company which is the Institute, who are either:

  • Chapter-Elected (the Presidents of the Chapters)
  • Nationally Elected (by all the voting members)
  • the SONA (Student Organised Network for Architecture) President
  • the EmAGN (Emerging Architects and Graduates Network) President

National Council as at August 2018

Name Office Held Company
Mr Richard Kirk LFRAIA
Acting National President Richard Kirk Architect
Prof Helen Lochhead FRAIA National President Elect
Faculty of the Built Environment
Ms Vanessa Bird FRAIA
Nationally Elected Bird de la Coeur Architects
Mr Justin Hill FRAIA
Nationally Elected Kerry Hill Architects
Mr Philip Leeson FRAIA ACT President Philip Leeson Architects
Mr Andrew Nimmo RAIA NSW President Lahz Nimmo Architects
Ms Jenny Culgan RAIA NT President Mode Design
Mr Paul Trotter FRAIA Qld President Fulton Trotter Architects
Mr Mario Dreosti RAIA SA President Brown Falconer
Ms Yvette Breytenbach RAIA Tas President Morrison & Breytenbach Architects
Ms Amy Muir RAIA Vic President Muir Architecture
Ms Suzie Hunt FRAIA WA Chapter President Suzanne Hunt Architect
Thom McKenzie RAIA EmAGN President Winwood McKenzie
Mr Troy Borg SONA President RMIT
Mr Adrian FitzGerald FRAIA Nationally elected Denton Corker Marshall

Denotes Council elected members of the Board of Directors

Faculty of the Built Environment
Faculty of the Built Environment
Faculty of the Built Environment


Richard Kirk LFRAIA


Mr Richard Kirk LFRAIA

Acting National President

Richard Kirk is the founding Director of KIRK, which was established in 1995. With studios in Brisbane and Kuala Lumpur, the practice works across a diverse range and scale of projects throughout Southeast Asia.

The work of the practice has been widely published and has received recognition through a number of prestigious professional and industry awards.

Richard is the Immediate Past President of the Australian Institute of Architects and Life Fellow of the Institute, Adjunct Professor at The University of Queensland, South Bank Corporation Board Member and Queensland Urban Design and Places Panel Member.

Richard has been involved with the Institute for over 20 years and was previously the Australian Institute of Architects Queensland Chapter President and a Chapter Councillor since 2008. Richard has also served on the Board of Architects of Queensland and was a member of the Brisbane City Council Independent Design Advisory Panel.


National Committees

The National Committee system services the National focus of the Australian Institute of Architects. Each National Committee is responsible for consideration and implementation of an activity area of the Institute.

The Committees are made up of a representative from each Chapter, together with a National Councillor.

National Committees provide advice on the co-ordination and harmonisation of activities within the Institute, and review and introduce Institute Policy.

The Committees are

Committee staff contacts:

Other Committees / Panels

  • Acumen Content Review Panel

Online nomination & voting

At the appropriate time members may nominate and, if a ballot is necessary, vote for:

  • Chapter Council
  • Chapter President
  • Nationally Elected Council Members
  • International Area Committee Members

Only eligible members may participate.

The Australian Institute of Architects' Online Nomination and Voting Service complies with the Institute's regulations for elections.

For support and assistance using this system please contact the Membership Team or on  1800 770 617.

Go to the online voting system.

National Council Charter

Download a copy of the Institute's National Council Charter.

Chapter Council Charter

Download a copy of the Institute's Chapter Council Charter.


Download a copy of the Institute’s By-laws.

Past Presidents

2017–18 Richard Kirk 1976–77 Eustace Gresley Cohen
2016–17 Prof Ken Maher 1975–76 Blair Mansfield Wilson
2015–16 Jon Clements 1974–75 Harold Bryce Mortlock
2014–15 David Karotkin 1973–74 Robert Peter McIntyre
2013–14 Paul Berkemeier 1972–73 Henry Jardine Parkinson
2012–13 Shelley Penn 1971–72 Kenneth William Shugg
2011–12 Brian Zulaikha 1970–71 Ronald Andrew Gilling
2010–11 Karl Fender 1969–70 John David Fisher
2009–10 Melinda Dodson 1968–69 Jack Hobbs McConnell
2008–09 Howard Tanner 1967–68 Acheson Best Overend
2007–08 Alec Tzannes 1966–67 Mervyn Henry Parry
2006–07 Carey Lyon 1965–66 Gavin Walkley
2005–06 Bob Nation 1964–65 Raymond Berg
2004–05 Warren Merton Kerr 1963–64 Max Ernest Collard
2003–04 David John Parken 1962–63 James Campbell Irwin
2001–03 Graham Jahn 1961–62 Henry Ingham Ashworth
2000–01 Edward Robert Haysom 1960–61 Thomas Brenan Gargett
1999–00 Nigel Warren Shaw 1959–60 Kenneth Charles Duncan
1998–99 Graham Humphries 1957–59 Wilfried Thomas Haslam
1997–98 Eric Graham Butt 1956–57 William Purves Godfrey
1996–97 John Stanley Castles 1954–56 Edward James Weller
1995–96 Peter Robertson Gargett 1952–54 Robert Snowden Demaine
1994–95 Virginia Louise Cox 1950–52 Cobden Parkes
1993–94 James Taylor 1948–50 Jack Denyer Cheesman
1992–93 Robert Cheesman 1946–48 William Rae Laurie
1991–92 Jamieson Sayer Allom 1944–46 Roy Sharrington Smith
1990–91 Robert Lindsay Caulfield 1942–44 John Francis Scarborough
1989–90 Ronald Barrie Bodycoat 1940–42 William Ronald Richardson
1988–89 Dudley Keith Wilde 1939–40 Otto Abrecht Yuncken
1986–87 Robert Darwin Hall 1938–39 Frederick Bruce Lucas
1985–86 Graham Alan Hulme 1937–38 Louis Laybourne-Smith
1984–85 Roland David Jackson 1936–37 James Nangle
1983–84 Richard Melville Young 1935–36 Guy St John Makin
1982–83 David Alan Nutter 1934–35 Arthur William Anderson
1981–82 Richard Norman Johnson 1933–34 Charles Edward Serpell
1980–81 Michael Laurence Peck 1932–33 Lange Leopold Powell
1979–80 Alexander Ian Ferrier 1931–32 Philip Rupert Claridge 
1978–79 Geoffrey Lawrence Lumsdaine 1930–31 William Arthur Blackett 
1977–78 John Davidson 1929–30 Alfred Samuel Hook